Visit to Amsterdam May 2023

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Project Description

Last week, I had an inspiring and motivating meeting with the recently appointed Rabobank ‘ group CEO Stefaan Decraene and CHRO Janine Vos and CIO Bart Leurs ! All of this marks our 10y anniversary collaboration up cycling over 150.000 computer devices for impact and digital inclusion in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 and in East-Africa! Think global and act local!

Respect and gratitude to Abe Boersma for being the internal early believer and change maker with his fantastic colleagues all over the bank’s departments and with the tech suppliers or Rabo!

Thank you to Didier Appels from Circular IT Group and CTG Circular for joining me identifying new increased opportunities and widening the scope into even more impact and “growing a better world 🌎 together”.